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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day Six What I Do When I Am Doing Nothing

I haven't cleaned the house in a week.  It smells like 4 dogs, two teenagers, a weeks worth of laundry and a husband.  I feel like a slacker just sitting around and letting this happen.  My Husband says he and the kids will take care of it, and I believe with all of my heart that they have tried.  And failed.  So I file my rusty brain to a dull nib and get at it.

This is how I do housework.  First I clutter bust the house, gathering everything that is out of place and either dumping it in piles in the kids rooms or putting it away. I get all of my cleaning stuff together and attack a room, top to bottom, clockwise, trash goes out and vacuuming and mopping end the job.  After that it's on to the next room. It's a system.  A child could do it, and by that I mean another person's child.  Mine haven't seen this knowledge for the goldmine that it is.

Today I can't get with my system, I am like a marble in a boxcar, rattling around.  Doing a little here and a little there.  Making lists in my head, but none of them have to do with housework.  My list goes like this:

Buy a recliner.  How am I going to be expected to lay flat after a double mastectomy with a reconstruction?
Install a dog door.  4 dogs, 'nuff said.
Find a cleaning woman to help during my recovery.  See above.
Buy men's drawstring pajama bottoms and button front men's shirts.  Only men's have pockets, I don't know why.  I also need camisole with built in bras.  I read that they are helpful in holding the drains.
Find an adoptive home for Martin.  He hates being with other dogs and I won't be able to referee when he stages a throw down.  I also won't be able to clean up after him when he leaves a steaming, vengeful pile in the corner.
Teach my husband to pay the bills.
Put together an organizational system for my medical related paperwork, medication logs, etc.  Maybe a large binder.
Teach Rachel to drive.  She might be able to get her license in April and that would help alot.
Look at breasts.  Pick out a pair.
Purchase a bunch of pillows.  I hear the buckwheat hull type are good for propping your arms.
Make sure we are stocked with supplies for bandaging.
Learn about drains and post operative care.
Designate a photographer
Make an appointment at MD Anderson
Clean the house...


the sebaceous funk said...

I would love to be in the back seat when you teach Rachel to drive so I can suggest McDonalds drive through and doughnuts in the parking lot after it rains. That what bad uncle/cousin types do.
You made me laugh with "look at breasts." drains not so much, but Im glad you have a plan.

Diana said...

and do range of motion exercises w the shoulders as soon as the doctor lets you. prevents frozen shoulder. love you!!

zenmama said...

Funk, It would be the most fun ever to have you (screaming) in the backseat during one of Rachel's driving lessons. You'd be ordering a McMartini from the drive thru!

;-)Diana, I'm already on it. Getting them good and loose before surgery. After surgery we call the inhouse expert