A year in my life, from the day I was diagnosed and for the full year after. Walk with me.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 12

The storm is rolling in.  If you watch the local weather it should be apocalyptic, they are running the Fear Of God Doppler weather radar nonstop and the warning boxes keep popping up.  Every two minutes the television emits a beeping, warning us that the end is near.  I can hear it in the distance and it is thundering nonstop.  It was 87 degrees today with 35 mph wind gusts, ominous.  Tornado weather.

This is a normal Spring and early Summer event here in the Deep South.  We have had a relatively easy severe weather season, so we are due for a blow.  I hope it won't be bad.

We began our Spring Session at our facility today and I got to meet our new crop of students.  Some new to the facility and some new to me, some known and long beloved.  They are precious.  I am so glad to be back at work.  This is the best place for me.  In spite of the fact that I haven't slept in 12 days (an hour here and there doesn't count) I felt an energy imbue me and a bright bubble surround me.  I hugged my hero horse.  From now on he will be referred to as Dallas The Diagnosticator.  I mounted and rode for the first time since my diagnosis.  Just a walk around the arena, but that wasn't the point.  That ride put me back in the saddle again, so to speak.

Tomorrow I have my first consultation with a breast surgeon.  We will discuss my prognosticators, and my procedure options, we will hash out recovery scenarios.  After I will run to work, hopefully in time to cover my first class of the day.  Post work I will meet one of my girlfriends for a martini and a salad, and hopefully some laughs.  I guess it depends on what the Doctor says.

The storm is racing in now, just a short distance away and I am counting the seconds between the lightning and the thunder.


Over the Pond said...

OMG it was Dallas who dumped you??? I always knew he was my friend, well done Dallas! I hope that you are enjoying your watch pictures - over the weekend we will have a photo taken of all of us in our watches, ticking away with you every step. You take care, Missus xxxxxxxxxxxx

zenmama said...

I absolutely cannot wait. Just got A's pic this afternoon, am going to comment on it tomorrow! Really absolutely reinforced by your wonderful support. Love to all.

Darwin said...

You need to get some Ambien, my dear, to sleep at night. Spoke with a pharmacist -- says it's super safe, better than Benadryl because it works on a safer part of the brain to induce sleep. Take the lowest dose -- I even just nibble on one, and it softens the edge enough to doze off. This is not the time to go au naturale. We have chemists for a reason....

I sent you a book to start the book club. It's killer good. xo & love, and your blog is wonderful to read and the support of those around you is truly a life force. I can speak for all of us when I say we love you.

zenmama said...

Yes, the Ambien suggestion is coming from all over. All I need to do is make an appointment with my GP...he won't prescribe without one.

I am looking forward to the book club, can't wait in fact. Thank you for reading the blog, I love knowing you are there, not to mention that a brilliant writer like you thinks it's good...well, my head couldn't get any bigger.

Love you too my sweet Muffin.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Maybe you'll sleep better now that you're riding again. Also, have you tried eating something before you go to bed? I always have a bowl of ice cream or a bowl of cereal and I can barely finish it before I start getting sleepy.

zenmama said...

I did sleep the night after I rode. It just helps integrate me, does it do that for you too?